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Buy Diamond Here and Get an Awesome Deal! 

The search is over! You have officially found the best place to buy diamonds online. We have a selection of diamonds that would dazzle and amaze even the most bejewelled Saudi royalty. Our range caters for everyone, from those on a carefully managed budget to those who want something decadent and for whom price is not obstacle.  All of our diamonds come with the reassurance that a diamond certification can provide.  You can rest assured that your purchase will be a valuable financial asset for many years to come. 

We use either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) certification standard.  These standards apply whether you buy loose diamonds or diamonds already set in a ring.  When buying diamonds you should be aware of the four c’s, a common and easy-to-follow set of guidelines for diamond quality.  These are clarity, carat, cut and colour.  Further information and more in-depth information about the four c’s can be found in our many other informative articles on this site. 

It’s difficult to find a better diamond price with a comparable level of quality anywhere else on the web.  If you have any doubts, then allow us to put our money where our mouth.  We offer comprehensive advice and a reasonable returns policy, so that you can see and touch and experience the goods for yourself and make your own assessment.   

Our feature articles are comprehensive guides to the selection, purchase and lifetime care of your diamonds.  Here are some common FAQs about how to buy diamonds.  We leave no stone unturned, if we have left anything out, we hope you will let us know. 

  1. I don’t know her ring size, how do I know what ring size to get?

There are several approaches to this.  One involves a greater degree of stealth and sneakiness than the other.  Sneak into her jewellery box and take one of her rings, then go to a local jewellers and use the manual ring-sizer they have there.  Be careful not to be coaxed into purchasing a ring while there. They generally sell jewellery with a mark-up between 50-70% more than online retailers.  Your other option is to look at an online ring sizing guide which will take out the hassle of going to the store, however you also need to be careful as this may not be 100% accurate.   

  1. How do I stay within my budget, as it’s only pretty small?   

When you buy diamonds online through us, you are guaranteed to find a diamond and wedding band that is within your budget. We can customise your ring and use a more reasonably-priced cut of diamond like the princess cut and also use a silver or rose gold precious metal to keep the price down. We can also show you a selection of sleek and elegant plain gold bands for both him and her.  There is a wonderful array of discount diamond rings for you to choose from.  It has become increasingly popular for couples to have unisex and matching rings.  This can be a lovely choice and will also keep the cost to a minimum.  

We hope that you enjoy your journey from engagement to selecting your ring, the big day and then your life together afterwards. Good luck! 

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