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Certified Diamonds

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How to tell certified diamonds from a non-certified diamonds. 

How exactly can you tell the difference between a certified diamond and a non-certified diamond?  Well there is no real way to tell, as there is no tangible physical difference. The theoretical difference is that with a certified diamond you have a legal and certified document to reassure you that the diamond is high quality and has an expertly-assessed monetary value.  If the diamond is non-certified, then you can’t be sure that the quality that is stated by the seller is correct.  

When you get a certified diamond it comes with a report that classifies it and ensures that it adheres to certain criteria for quality.  You can be assured that you are getting a diamond of beauty and pedigree when you get a certified diamond.  There are two main methods of classification and certification either GIA and AGS.  

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

One of the world’s foremost authorities on diamonds, they have cutting-edge laboratories.  The GIA conduct research and provide educational information to jewellers whilst also providing diamond certification.  The GIA were the first institute to conceive of the four c’s: clarity, carat, colour and cut, as a simple way for consumers to remember the criteria that they use for grading diamonds.  They have trained 200,000 jewellers across the world.   

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)

Just like the GIA standard, the EGL standard is a universally accepted standard for grading diamonds.  They provide research, and educate jewellery sellers on various aspects of quality.  When you get your diamonds certified through them, you get a certificate which will aid you in any buying and selling of the item in the future.  

Both the EGL and GIA standards are constantly being upgraded to account for new styles of diamonds that require certification.  Their innovative research institutes are where they test out new ways to ensure that the buyer gets the best quality.   

When you look at certified diamonds, you can rest assured that they have been stringently assessed by an independent expert to ensure the diamond’s worth. From loose diamonds to certified diamond earrings, the independent assessment is necessary for your peace of mind. 

Why should I get certified diamonds? 

You can safely compare different diamonds and rest assured that your choices about the four c’s: cut, clarity, colour and carat are informed by accurate information.  With uncertified jewellers, it’s difficult to find out if the diamonds in question are as good as the price you are paying for them.

The type of assessment that is done by GIA and AGS is recognised and standardised throughout the world.  If a jeweller is oblivious to these standards for certified diamonds, then they aren’t worth your time. 

You wouldn’t venture out on a trip to the wild without the correct gear, so too you should err on the side of caution and always buy certified diamonds that have been assessed by the universal standard of GIA and EGL. 

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