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Diamond Certification

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Diamond Certification: Why it’s an Important Step 

When you’re making any investment, whether this is a car, a piece of art, a share portfolio or for a diamond ring, you need to do your homework.  This may sound self-evident, however it’s surprising how many people don’t do this when it comes to buying diamonds direct or in an online shop. 

It’s amazing how many diamond purchases online are not assessed by a diamond specialist for an EGL certification or a GIA certification.  These are the two main independent world-wide standards for diamond certification.  The reason that getting diamond certification is so important is precisely the same reason you wouldn’t buy shares in a company you knew nothing about, or purchase a car without knowing its history.  The diamonds that we provide to our customers are appraised by stringent and universal standards of excellence. 

There is no way to tell whether loose or set diamonds are certified diamonds or not.  The only way that you will know is if you have either EGL certification or GIA certification.  Which means that if you don’t already have this, you should get an independent appraisal.  The value of your investment depends upon it. 

The European Gemological Laboratory 

The EGL are one of the world’s best independent diamond certification laboratories.  They have more than twenty five years of experience in appraising diamonds and other gemstones and giving reliable advice to consumers.  They provide consumers with assessments of their investments, validate and provide certificates for value.   Not only this but they provide cutting-edge research, technology and a fully functioning laboratory to do so.  

The Gemological Institute of America  

Established in 1931, the GIA research and certify diamonds, coloured stones and pearls.  They have their headquarters in America but are well-known world-wide for providing education, research and laboratory services to impartially determine the quality of gemstones including certifying diamonds.  They are non-profit institute and act as both a purveyor of quality gemstones as well as helping people gain a career in the research and development of gemstone technology and understanding new industry trends.  They have been responsible for numerous technological advancements and discoveries to do with pearls, diamonds and other gems and have a wide variety of functions in the industry.  

In 1953, the GIA created the four Cs classification for diamonds, these are clarity, carat, cut and colour.  This has become a universal way stated in layman’s terms for buyers to understand what determines the quality of diamonds.  In response to a proliferation of different types of diamond cuts that were not uniform or of the same grade; the GIA introduced a comprehensive system for grading diamond cut quality.   This led to a greater level of awareness in the industry of standards in certified and uncertified diamonds. 

The prevalence of online and wholesale jewellers of varying degrees of legitimacy, has meant that independent authorities like the GIA and EGL have become extra vigilant and vocal in their advice to consumers to get their jewellery independently appraised.  

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