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Diamond Cut

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Important Information You Need to Know About Diamond Cuts 

The definition of diamond cut is the degree to which the diamond has polish, symmetry and proportion, rather than the shape of the diamond itself, as is commonly thought.  Therefore some diamond cuts may lack these aspects of symmetry and proportion, and so be inferior to more mathematically perfect gemstones.  This is particularly important when discussing diamonds, as a great deal of the scintillation and brilliance of diamonds is determined by their cut. 

There are a number of different cuts which have grown and waned in popularity according to social trends and the practicality of certain cuts and settings for daily living over other types. Here we will profile some popular diamond cuts in modern wedding rings and one that has antique appeal that will suit women of retro and romantic taste.  

Round Brilliant Cut Wedding Bands

First developed by Belgian jeweller Marcel Tolkowsky in the early 20th century, this was derived for precise mathematical calculations that enhanced the scintillation and brilliance of the diamond.  Tolkowsky then moved the New York where he developed a version called ‘The American cut’ that was very similar and took the US market by storm.  The round brilliant cut consists of 58 facets and follows the stone’s natural shape to give the most amount of fire and brilliance.  It is commercially the most popular diamond cut.  

Princess Cut Wedding Rings

This is also referred to as the square cut or modified brilliant cut.  It consists of a square or rectangular-shaped top and a pyramid-shaped pavilion.  It is designed to show the maximum amount of light dispersion and brilliance, and can hide any blemishes in the diamond better than other diamond cuts.  The sharp square shape is suitable for women with longer fingers.  The princess cut is a more contemporary shape than the round brilliant cut and it is the second most popular after this.  It can be a more cost-effective solution, as the cost of the diamond will be generally less than a diamond of the same size in a round brilliant cut.  This is because the imperfections in a princess cut are easier to hide than in other diamond cuts. 

Cushion Cut Wedding Band 

A retro classic, the cushion cut first rose to popularity during the Industrial era of the late 19th and early 20th century.  A soft shape with rounded edges creates a pillow-like effect.  This is  perfect for hiding blemishes and inclusions and maximising the amount of fire and scintillation off the diamond surface.  Cushion cut diamonds became popular during the industrial era because of their unique shimmering properties under candlelight and soft lamplight.  This type of diamond cut is therefore to woo her in the vintage and old-fashioned way.      

We hope you have enjoyed this brief tour through the history and benefits of diamond cuts. Let us know if you have any further questions. We pride ourselves on being able to help you! 

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