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Diamond Cuts

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Diamond Cuts: Which is best for you? 

There are many different cuts of diamond rings.  Each of them have a unique history and background and are special in their own way. Be sure to peruse our guide so that you pick the right one for your beloved.  Keep in mind that it’s important to consider the personal factors of your partner’s dress sense, lifestyle and the jewellery she currently wears when making your decision. 

The Emerald Cut Diamond 

The Emerald cut is a step cut with angled corners and typically is rectangular in shape and has a series of pavilion and crown facets.  The emerald cut is possibly one of the more understated and elegant of cuts.  The emerald cut is typically applied to emeralds and thus its namesake.  However it looks equally striking with a diamond.  They are not as fiery or brilliant as other cuts such as the round brilliant cut, however they do look excellent when the diamond has good clarity.  

The Asscher Cut Diamond 

The asscher cut diamond was originally created by Jewish designer Joseph Asscher in 1903 for his Amsterdam-based diamond company.  The asscher cut is square-shaped and has a smaller table and a larger step facet than an emerald cut.  It’s an ideal cut for brilliance and sparkle if compared against the emerald cut. 

During WW2 the Asscher factory was destroyed and most of the employees including the Asschers themselves were killed.  The patent for the asscher cut diamond expired, so the asscher cut diamond was used by other companies in the  subsequent decades.  The surviving descendants of the family released a new design called the Royal Asscher Cut in 2001.  This new diamond cut has become popular, featuring in the TV show Sex in the City.  Nowadays, the Asscher business in Amsterdam is expanding again into parts of Asia and the US.  

The Cushion Cut Diamond 

The cushion cut was first mass-produced during the industrial age of the early 1800’s.  This type of cut is characterised by a series of facets and a pillow-shaped face.  The cushion cut diamond became popular in the 19th century, due to rapid developments in diamond cutting technology.  It has a romantic appeal due to its ability to disseminate brilliant sparkle throughout a candlelit room.  It is therefore a perfect diamond cut for courting and romance by candlelight.  

The Princess Cut Diamond 

These are also known as square cut diamonds, as they are recognised by their signature square or rectangular shape with four claws and a graduated diamond, shaped like a pyramid inside.  This particular cut has became famous in the 70s and grew in popularity after it was introduced into America in 1979 by designers from Israel who first took it to a shop in Los Angeles.   The princess cut is the second most popular choice for modern jewellery after the round brilliant cut.  

Your choices are not limited there, we offer plenty of other diamond cuts that will tantalise your sense and drive your partner wild. Take a look! 

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