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Diamond Price

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A Diamond Price that Won’t Break the Bank 

We offer the finest and most superior quality diamonds at prices that won’t break the bank. Quite a big statement, but we hope that you will see why.  Our wholesale jewellery is in some cases around 70% off what you would pay in a mall outlet or retail shop.  We have certified diamonds that are breathtaking in beauty, are guaranteed to turn heads and make a dramatic entrance into any room.  We are industry leaders in selling loose diamonds, and take pride in offering black diamond prices that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Take a look at our diamond price chart.  There you will see the many types of popular cuts such as princess cut, round cut and pear-shaped diamonds.  From clear to yellow-coloured diamonds and in various carat weights.  All of our wholesale diamond prices are clearly defined here on our user-friendly chart.   

It is a common belief that the high price of diamonds means the most people cannot afford them.  This is most certainly not the case.  The reality is that there are thousands of different sizes, settings and colours of diamonds that will suit every budget. 

One thing to look out for when on the hunt for wholesale diamonds, is the proliferation of fakes, and sub-standard diamonds out there, especially on the web.  We guarantee that all of our stock is 100% certified and genuine.  Each item has been appraised and found to be the real deal, however if you feel that you need to get a second opinion or independent appraisal, then we encourage this and have a money-back guarantee.  Please see our guarantee section for more information. The only reason that we can afford keep our diamond prices so cheap is that we sell our diamonds direct to the public and cut out the middle man of the retail outlet. 

Are you not sure where to begin when picking out diamond jewellery?  A useful guide is The Four Cs: clarity, carat, cut and colour.  Diamonds come in all colours from yellow to shades of lemon to colourless, the most valuable are the colourless ones.  Some people believe that a carat indicates the size of the diamond, when actually the carat indicates the weight of the diamond.  The cut refers to the mathematical formula used to cut the diamond into various shapes, with round brilliant being the most common cut.  The number of facets (or angles) put into the diamond can indicate how much it will shimmer.  It’s important not to cut the facets too deep or too shallow to ensure that the shimmering capacity is maximised.  The last c refers to clarity.  The number of dots, lines or bubbles inside of the diamond will indicate its clarity or lack of clarity.  All of these four aspects are important factors to consider when buying diamonds. 

If you take a peek at our diamond price guide, you will be shocked and delighted by the prices you see there. If you don’t take advantage of this amazing offer then somebody else will.  You would be foolish to miss out!   

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