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The Best Wholesale Diamonds Direct to the Public

No matter what type of diamonds you are looking for, or the occasion, we sell wholesale diamonds direct the the public that will save you money and come with a universal standard of certification.  

Here are some prime reasons to buy your diamonds direct through us: 

Save Money 

By knocking out the middle-man of the retailer, you can cut out 50-70% off the retail price. This can be a real god-send for people who have a limited budget anyway.   If you are planning a wedding and wanting to buy a diamond engagement ring, you can then spend this extra cash on the reception, catering and other extremely costly parts of the wedding day. 

Customer Service 

We pride ourselves on our amazing and personalised service that far exceeds that given by our competitors.  We will answer questions, consult with you and advise according to your individual tastes, budget and lifestyle what we believe is best for you. If you ever have any problems at any point, then we will gladly help you.  


We stock an exceedingly large range of diamonds and other types of jewellery, no matter if it’s for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, valentines day or simply to treat yourself.  


We sell incredible diamonds direct to you and you don’t even need to leave your lounge room or take off your comfortable uggs and robe.  

Speed of Service 

Select from our delivery options to ensure that you get your diamonds direct to your door in the most efficient and timely manner.  

Real Deal Diamonds! 

We use the two universal standards of diamond certification the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the most prestigious and well-known of certification institutes across the ocean and the American Gemological Society, our own certification institute that thought up the four Cs, as well known diamond grading standard for measuring clarity, carat, colour and cut.    These two institutes are world-leading and provide the most comprehensive assessment of your purchase.   You can rest easily knowing  that when you buy from us, you buy exceptionally good quality.  

A Wealth of Information 

We have a catalogue of shimmering jewellery and along with this, the most entertaining, interesting and informative articles to help you make the decision, after-care for your jewellery and how to plan for big events like getting engaged and getting married.  We cover off on men’s fashion trends, women’s fashion trends and how to match to his or her personal tastes.  We work through the technical intricacies of diamond grading and how to tell a good diamond from a sub-standard one.  This is imperative information to know when you buy diamonds direct online.    

We are Passionate! 

We try and distil passion into everything we do, including providing excellent quality, glittering and scintillating diamond jewellery for every occasion in your life.  We believe romance and whimsy are something that every person should feel in their lives and we intend to celebrate love in the most spectacular way.  Come along on the journey and buy your diamonds online through us! 

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