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How to Buy Her the Engagement Ring She will Love!

There is a process for discovering what engagement rings will suit your partner.  And it’s not rocket science either, it’s relatively simple.  It may require a bit of digging and a bit of cute spying but we won’t tell anyone.  It’s all in the name of showing her you love her, so it’s not exactly against the law. 

Look at her jewellery.  Take note of the colour of the metal she wears. This will be the template precious metal that you should use to search on our website and find the right engagement ring for her. 

Take her ring and compare it with an online guide for ring sizes which will show you the correct size for her needs.  Alternatively you may take it to a jewellery shop, where you can ask to use their manual ring sizing tool.  You may be hassled into paying extortionate prices though, so this is not advisable. 

Think of her lifestyle and job.  Would it be practical for a woman who is a Police Officer to go out on the job wearing a chunky diamond, perhaps not.  Ditto if she is working in some kind of practical or outdoors job that requires a lot of physical exertion.  If she is working in an office though, then you have more flexibility.   Think of her taste in clothes and philosophy on life.  If she’s a Zen Buddhist who has a pretty minimalistic taste in household furnishings, then chances are, she won’t want a fancy engagement ring.  

Now for the trickery (in a nice way) 

On a trip to the mall together. (How often would this be the case?) Casually stop by a jewellery store on the pretence of looking at watches.  Now pause near the ring section and try and ascertain which one gets her attention.  Don’t be stupid and ask her “What engagement ring do you think is lovely?”  The jig is definitely up then Señor Obvious.  

Another more elaborate technique… 

Hang out with a newly engaged friends of hers or the both of yours.  After this social engagement which could be anywhere on the spectrum of enjoyable to painful; you can then  ask her a question casually in conversation about what she thinks of such-and-such’s ring.  Hopefully this method of digging will yield you beneficial results or else it could lead to some sort of minor self-harm incident for your sorry self.   

Now think for yourself 

What are your budgetary limitations?  You can indeed invest in an engagement ring for her that won’t cost the earth and will still be a glimmering, constellation of beauty. You can do this by substituting more expensive metals such as platinum and white gold for the generally less expensive options of silver and rose gold. Some women just don’t love diamonds like others do.  You may find that she will love an emerald or sapphire more than diamond.  In all choices, you must stick to her preferences and not baulk and get a cheap engagement ring because it’s simply cheaper.  That won’t matter if she doesn’t like it or want to wear it.   Good luck! 

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