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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings for your Alternative Wedding

So your getting married to each other but a traditional white wedding is just doesn’t reflect your ethos in life.  Perhaps you want something alternative or slightly mischievous and so are planning your wedding along these lines. A dress need not be white or even a dress at all. Instead of a dreary wedding band, you may have booked stand-up comedians or your friend’s band.   If you are planning an alternative wedding, we can offer options to suit your wedding including black diamond rings that have a sexy Vintage, Goth, and Punk edge to them. 

Our black diamond engagement rings come in countless settings, sizes and precious metal bands. The jet-black stone is unlike anything else on earth, a midnight ballroom full of shimmer and  dark sparkles that hypnotize the senses.  They are made with a sexy, mysterious and magnetic woman in mind.   Let us recommend to you some striking and dramatic combinations that she will fall in love with: 

Platinum and White Gold 

Platinum or white gold works well in a black diamond engagement ring because it’s a stark black and shimmering metallic surface gives it an ace of spades type contrast of white on black.  

The Cushion Cut 

This particular cut of diamond has curved edges and loads of facets to set off a black diamond shimmer. The cushion cut has its roots in Victorian times and has a vintage mystique that complements the black diamond very well.  It’s the ultimate blend of old and new trends together and works wonderfully for a black diamond engagement ring. 

Amethyst and Black Diamond: The Perfect Pair 

Regal amethyst goes well with jet black diamonds, they make the perfect combination of lustrous colours for your engagement ring.  Consider adding additional complementary stones to your setting in amethyst for a very stark and high-octane impact. 

An added benefit of choosing a black diamond engagement ring is that it can be dressed up or dressed down quite easily.  It’s a ring equally comfortable in a downtown bar as in a work meeting.  A black diamond ring is versatile enough for her to wear with a band T shirt and your jeans, as when she’s rocking out at a gig.  Consider this type of diamond for a tough, strong and sexy woman, who doesn’t bow to fashion trends and who marches to the beat of her own drum. 

A black diamond engagement ring is something that not many people consider for their partner. But if you are investing in making this wedding a reflection of who you are, then you should consider an alluring alternative to the average ring. While a white diamond is perfect for little fairy princesses, if your girl is more of a sexy vixen from Hades, you should consider black diamonds.

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