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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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Both Classic and Modern: Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion cut diamond or a version similar to it, became popular during the 1400’s.  Other similar styles from this time include the Mazarin and Old Mine cut.  The very first brilliant cuts were known as Mazarins, and they became very popular in the Venetian Court during the Renaissance period.  At the time, Venice was a lush and illustrious area of trade in diamonds and so the ladies and gentlemen were resplendent with jewels including the cushion cut diamond and various other types of jewelry cuts like the Mazarin and Old Mine cuts.  

The cushion cut engagement ring was a staple choice for most aristocratic people during the Middle Ages and Renaissance Period.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Age, around 1800 when diamond cutting tools became better, that the cushion cut ring found prominence with the middle-class and mainstream portion of society.  

The century following this was a time of great popularity for the cushion cut engagement ring.  Look in any antique shop and you will find cushion cut engagement rings from the 19th and early 20th century.  Cushion cuts typically vary in the amount of facets they have.  Typically, they are either square or rectangular brilliant cuts with rounded corners and a pillow-shaped diamond in the centre.  

The cushion cut diamond engagement ring has an additional benefit that is not really obvious to those not aware of its history.  It rose to prominence during the industrial age when most people’s houses were largely lit with candlelight.  This particular type of diamond was designed to sparkle in the most spectacular way under candlelight and twinkle effervescently under soft lamp light.  This is a truly old-world and antique engagement ring for the woman who is vintage in her clothing tastes or who has an appreciation for the more refined and romantic lifestyle of centuries gone.  

Nowadays, this classic, delicate and vintage engagement ring is making a come back. Famous people who are fans of the cushion cut include Deborah Messing, Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears.  

This particular type of cut can be found just about anywhere on the web and in the mall, but beware of non-certified engagement rings that have not been independently assessed by an expert.  Cushion cut diamonds range from the inexpensive to the more prestigious end of the scale.  So they are within reach of all budget ranges.  

You need not go for a traditional white diamond in a yellow gold band, you can experiment and perhaps use a cushion cut ring with black diamond stone or with white gold or platinum precious metal. The choices are endless and exciting.  Now that you know all about the history of cushion cut rings, you can search to your heart’s desire and customise your choice accordingly.  Take a look at our wonderful array of the cushion cut rings in all shapes and sizes and with a large selection of stones.  Good luck in your search. 

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