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Design Your Engagement Ring with our Bespoke Design Service 

Looking for an engagement ring with a difference? Then why not design your own.  We can recommend various different stones, settings and precious metals, the choice is up to you!

This type of engagement ring is something truly unique and one your partner will treasure even more knowing that you selected the different elements to make the engagement ring.  You will be on your way to celebrating your union in the most personal way possible. 

Our contemporary designers design your engagement ring by following a set process of consultation, design and creation.  Firstly, select the type of stone: diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies to name but a few. 

Secondly, select the type of cut that you wish for your stone.  We offer cushion cut, princess cut, round brilliant cut and many more.  Choose the type of precious metal, this could be white gold, silver, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold, depending on your tastes, and what goes best your stone.  

Generally warmer stones like ruby will go with either yellow or rose gold.  Blue-tinged stones such as emerald, sapphire and black diamond will marry perfectly with shiny and metallic precious metals like silver, platinum and white gold.  When you design your own ring, you will need to consider these complementary stones and precious metals when making your choice or else they may not look right together.  

Classic diamonds match with every setting and precious metal.  Diamonds can be used alongside other stones in your engagement ring’s design.  They have a universal appeal and are unchanged in popularity throughout the ages.  Liked by one and all, diamonds make an ideal centrepiece for your personally designed ring.

Consider the personality and dress sense of your beloved partner.  Are they outgoing, extroverted and enjoy luxurious, sensual fabrics and styles of dressing? You should consider an appropriate ring to match their personality, a ring with a diamond centrepiece in a cushion cut and several smaller stones set in a halo with a platinum band.  Or for a man, a thick platinum band with flecks of inlaid diamonds and black diamonds.  This is type of engagement ring design is as eye-catching and magnetic as they are.   

For a partner who is more refined, minimal and erudite there are options for a more subdued and elegant looking ring. Perhaps in silver, traditional yellow gold and with one simple yet sublime diamond in a princess cut in the centre. The possibilities are up to you, we encourage you to enjoy the process of consultation, design and creation.  When you design your own ring with us, there is participation in the process from start to finish.  Speak with one of our experienced consultants for more information and guidance about what would be right in your individual case.  The experience of creating your own ring for him or her is one to be relished and remembered forever, we guarantee that this will be a labour of love for both you and us. 

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