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Inexpensive Engagement Rings: Diamond Delights

We have a wonderful array of inexpensive diamond engagement rings that come in many different precious metals, everything from white gold engagement rings to silver, platinum and classic yellow gold. The abundance of over-priced and marked-up diamond engagement rings on the market inspired us to create more inexpensive alternatives and a variety of choice for every stone, cut and setting imaginable.  

Select your Stone: 

No longer merely the domain of diamonds, engagement rings now come with other precious stones like sapphire, emerald, ruby and black diamond.  Ring designers now make engagement rings to suit every woman’s taste and no longer limit themselves to diamond engagement rings.  Of course you mix and match elements to your heart’s content by creating a custom ring with all of the elements you desire.  

A Historical Journey through Precious Metals:

Precious metals all mean different things.  Gold is a symbol of power and was used to great effect by the Incas and Aztecs in ancient times.  The Egyptians adorned themselves with gold jewellery since 2000 BC, for them it embodied spiritual power.  Evidence of this is found in artefacts still existing today.  Platinum is symbolic of the earthy, hardy elements and is considered to be the most formidable of the precious metals.  It is generally more expensive than gold and silver, because of it’s formidable and strong nature.  Silver is symbolic of purity and clarity.  It was used in Celtic and Norse jewellery as a spiritual talisman to protect against ruthless and unpredictable Pagan gods.  Its satiny sheen, price-tag and hypo-allergenic qualities has meant that it’s a perennial classic year after year.  When picking out the precious metal of your choice for your engagement ring, select one with a historical as well as personal meaning. 

Buck the Recession with Diamond Engagement Rings: 

Due to the recession, a whole culture of being frugal and vigilant about spending has also spread to the jewelry industry.  Most jewelry designers offer a range that is more modestly priced.  This doesn’t mean a compromise on quality or a restriction in the range available to you.  Some of our best engagement rings are the least expensive.  With stunning combinations of gold, silver, diamond, amethyst and emerald and a multitude of ways that you can customize your choice of engagement ring; there is a solution for your engagement and it won’t cost the earth! 

Want Something Different? 

The black diamond engagement ring is a singular mark of unique individuality.  It’s suitable for the woman or man who wishes to show their unique style with a very stunning and scintillating ring.  Unlike other diamond engagement rings, it retains a hint of its mysterious and ancient past in the boughs of the earth.  There is a luminescent volcanic shine and a dark, raw and edgy look that is definitely on-trend for the next decade.  The black diamond engagement ring has been spotted on celebrity red-carpets in Hollywood and has grown in popularity as the alternative choice for fashion-conscious people throughout the world.   

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