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Engagement Rings: White Gold and Diamond Wedding Ideas

The engagement ring you choose will be the most important gift you ever give her! So you should make sure it’s going to suit her and look absolutely amazing no matter the seasons, times and changing style of the coming decades.  Don’t despair!  We stock an enormous range of engagement rings for every taste: white gold, yellow gold, platinum and more.  There are some ground rules that we need to set before plunging headlong into our search. Your budget level and the personal style of your loved one.  Any consideration of engagement ring needs to examine these areas closely. 

Budget Size 

Our prime suggestion is the timeless and classical combination of white gold and diamond engagement rings. The good news is that this classic is versatile enough to fit any budget.  A smaller budget can buy a [princess cut diamond ring with a thin and elegant white gold band. The unique cutting method used with the princess cut engagement ring, means that the diamond can be a heavier carat weight and still be cheaper than other white gold engagement rings of similar size.  This is because the princess cut more effectively hides any blemishes in the stone and so therefore is cheaper. 

For the middle-range to high-end budget, there is a good deal more flexibility in choice.  With personalized customizations for the under-side or top-side of the engagement ring.  Add a romantic and personal message, shared between the two of you.  Another idea is a glorious cushion cut diamond.  This type of diamond cut disperses the most amount of scintillating and brilliant light in a candlelit room.  The princess cut engagement ring was popular with our ancestors who bought it for their fiancées in the lamp-lit back rooms in the late 19th Century, back when wooing was a revered art form. 

Style Preferences

Your loved one already has an idea of how to furnishes her house, how to dress, this is all a very essential part of her whole being.  Just like buying perfume, buying a ring comes under the same abstract and difficult category.  How does a man get the best and most attractive option then for this most important gift?  

Look into her wardrobe, look into her jewellery chest, at her taste in music, her taste in books. Would you say she is conventional, enjoys commercial music, enjoys best-seller novels?  You can afford to look at an engagement ring that is decidedly fashionable and doesn’t strive to be too different.  Would you say that she is alternative in her fashion tastes, music or books?  Does her style reflect a vintage taste in books or fashion?  Then she may well like a cushion cut engagement ring with a white gold band.  As mentioned before, this is the quintessential vintage classic.   Another stylish and sophisticated solution for the woman who has an alternative fashion sense is the black diamond engagement ring.  This mysterious and dark stone comes from a deep and volcanic origin and is refined and polished to a stunning state.  It is still a rarity to see these rings around and it will surely set her apart from any of her friends. 

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