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The latest trends in gold engagement rings 

If you’re in the market for gold engagement rings, now is an exciting time to buy.  With an abundance of gorgeous, cutting-edge new trends in engagement rings, you are spoilt for choice.  Take a look at some timeless classics and new styles on the block.  From two carat diamond engagement rings to inexpensive ones, you can mix and match these elements to your heart’s content.  We will always try and cater to your every whim and request.   

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

Rose gold has a romantic and vintage look that really sets off apricot, musk and pastel coloured garments very well and shines brilliantly against wedding dresses.  You can of course customise your rose gold with our interesting array of diamonds and other precious stones.  

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Also known as the ‘Round Brilliant’, this engagement ring cut is a marvellous and classic type of engagement ring that never goes out of style.  It is the most popular cut of all and is found in most diamond engagement rings.  Ring designers nowadays are experimenting with different numbers of facets, such as the similar ‘cushion cut’ and different settings.   

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings 

Yellow gold is the most common type of precious metal used in gold rings. This can be customised with various unusual cuts of diamond or perhaps even sapphire, ruby or emerald.  Yellow gold complements red-based colours and bold Mediterranean hues in fashion.  In the past, yellow gold engagement rings were used only with diamonds, but now a trend for using other stones with yellow gold is growing.  

Black Diamond Engagement Rings 

The best engagement rings are often the most unusual and for the woman who defies categorisation, the best type of engagement ring is a black diamond.  A recent trend in gold engagement rings is to set this off with a scintillating and ravishing black diamond. It’s what onyx only dreams it could be. Popular with celebrities nowadays, black diamonds are all the rage with fashionable young things across the globe.  

White Gold Engagement Rings 

Again this is for the self-assured and independent-minded woman who wants something a little different from the pack.  For this reason it goes particularly well with the black diamond or a unique setting. White gold particularly gorgeous because it shimmers and shines like gold with the same properties, however unlike yellow gold, it can be paired very well with silver jewellery. 

Inexpensive Engagement Rings 

If you are buying on a budget, as many people are at the moment, there are many beautiful options for diamond engagement rings that are within your price-range.  A gorgeous, simple and elegant round cut engagement ring could be just the thing. 

When buying a gold engagement ring, consider all of the above in your choices.  Then you will be on your way to the right decision for your lovely partner.  Most importantly, you can design your engagement ring and ensure that you get exactly what you want.  She deserves only the best and most magnificent declaration of your love. 

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