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Princess Engagement Ring

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A Brief History of the Princess Engagement Ring

If you’re trying to find an engagement ring to dazzle her, then consider the stylish and modern looking princess engagement ring. It’s a modern and elegant type of ring that has grown in popularity from its introduction in the late 70’s.  

The princess engagement ring is either square or rectangular in shape, in profile it appears like an inverted pyramid.  Originally, it was created in London in the early 60’s by the designer Arpad Nagy, who christened it the Princess Cut.  The princess cut engagement ring was brought to a larger audience by Israeli jeweller’s who took it to a famed Los Angeles jeweller Ambar Diamonds in 1979, and afterwards it grew in popularity and took the world by storm.  

The distinctive princess engagement ring is cheaper than other round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight.  This is because 80% of the rough parts of the diamond are still maintained, whereas with other diamond cuts, only 50% of these parts are maintained.  What this means for you, is that you will receive a larger weight of diamond carat for your money.  However, this does not mean a compromise on quality. This cut makes the flaws less visible and if there is a slight yellow colour to the diamond, then it’s less noticeable with the princess cut.  The princess cut diamond facets allow for the maximum amount of light to pass through the ring.  The many gorgeous facets create a shimmering and scintillating sparkle that will command people’s attention and turn heads.

The princess cut is not normally used for engagement rings, however this has grown in popularity as the setting provides protection against damage and chipping that can occur to the edges without it.  Princess engagement rings are good value for money and the quality certainly doesn’t lower with the lower price. You can view a whole range of princess cut rings here.  Take your pick and dazzle your fiancée when she first sets eyes upon it.  For a durable, beautiful and wallet-friendly option, you cannot go past a princess engagement ring. 

To work out whether or not the princess cut diamond would be the best engagement ring for her, take a look at her existing wardrobe and taste in jewellery.  If you would say that she is someone bold, individual and more modern with her tastes, then she would be the type of woman who would like this type of engagement ring.  Make sure that you take her shopping or glance with her in some catalogues or look at our website, to see what type of engagement ring draws her attention.   If you consider the four main tenets of assessment for diamonds, The Four Cs: clarity, carat, colour and cut, you will see that the princess engagement ring provides both great value for money, excellent quality, durability and a lot of glamorous shimmer, it is a terrific all-rounder. 

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