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A Buyers Guide to wedding Rings 

There are some very interesting methods to choosing wedding rings. It all depends on whether you want a custom ring that’s personalised with bespoke elements or you are going to buy one of the elegant and stunning rings from our range. 

Firstly, make sure that you go through her jewellery, see what it is that she wears, what colour of metal she generally likes and find out her ring size by taking one of her existing rings  to a jeweller and getting it sized properly without her knowing.

For the Budget Conscious:  You can find a cheap wedding band that is refined, simple and won’t cost the earth.

Antique Wedding Rings:  Consider buying something that has a sense of history, a vintage wedding ring from the turn of the 20th century is really like an aesthetic masterpiece.  

Choosing a Metal: If you notice in your research that she only wears platinum or white gold, then don’t even consider getting rose gold or yellow gold.  Stay within the confines of what she likes and feels comfortable wearing.  

Choosing a Stone: Most women will be happy with the traditional and timeless diamond wedding ring, but other women prefer other stones like sapphires and emeralds.  Don’t get her a diamond if she doesn’t really like them for the sake of tradition.  Look at trends and recommendations from third parties, but ultimately keep her personal preference in your mind.  

Choosing a Setting: If you find that you are unsure about setting types, then talk to her about other people’s wedding rings, ask what she liked or didn’t like about their ring.  This should give you some idea. Take a look at her current jewellery and the type of setting she has.  The most popular is the round brilliant setting and the second most popular is the princess cut which is typically square in shape with four claws and a pyramid shaped diamond set inside.  

Look at Her Hands:  If she has long fingers then you can generally go for a thicker band as it will suit her.  A thicker band will make short fingers look shorter though.  On the other hand if she has shorter fingers then she will suit an oval or marquis shaped stone and this can help to make her fingers look longer and more sleek.  

Think of Her Lifestyle:  Think of her job and what she likes to do in her spare time.  You wouldn’t buy a fancy and extravagant diamond ring for a woman who works in the Police Force or has a job in a National Park.  On the other hand, if she works in an office environment, or works at home, then this this type of wedding ring would be appropriate for her lifestyle.

Remember to weigh up key elements in her lifestyle, opinions and ideas on fashion.  Do your own background research into her ring size, what other types of jewellery she wears and with this information you should have a pretty good basis for choice.  Good luck for your journey together. 

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