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Utterly Elegant Bridal Set Rings

Interlinked or Personalised Bridal Set Rings?

Bridal set rings are a tradition that dates back as far as the wedding ring tradition itself.  Two particular styles of bridal sets are popular.  The first is the matching kind, where the wedding ring and engagement ring look incomplete without both of them worn together.  Often after the wedding, this particular wedding set will be fused together to avoid the risk of losing individual parts.  

The other type of bridal set rings are those that can be worn separately.  The engagement ring is usually larger with some combination of diamonds.  The wedding ring is typically simple, with a plain band or a string of small diamonds held flush to the ring surface.  The latter has become increasingly popular nowadays.  With the ‘intertwined’ types of bridal sets decreasing in popularity. The modern look of non-matching bridal sets and the ability to customise these rings to a greater degree, seem to be the reason. 

Aside from these two different types there are limitless numbers of bridal set combinations that can be created.  Popular precious metals are either platinum for its durability and beauty or yellow gold for its timeless and classic appeal.  A black diamond is an unusual and mysterious new form of diamond that has grown in popularity due to celebrities appearing at Gala events showing off these magnificent and striking beauties.  Our range of diamond bridal sets also includes some black diamond varieties.  Alternatively, you can also design your own bridal set and use a combination of diamonds and other precious stones or perhaps combine platinum and yellow gold, for a striking and individual look. 

Customarily, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand ring finger.  This tradition is believed to go back to Roman times when the fourth finger of the left hand was thought to contain the vein of love or the vena amoris as it’s known in Latin.  This vein was thought to lead directly to the heart, and as the heart leans slightly towards the left, meant that it was closer to the heart when on the left hand.  This tradition has been interpreted differently in other countries like the Ukraine and Poland, where they typically wear the bridal set on the right hand.  

The order of the bridal set on the hand is also dictated by tradition and practicality.  The wedding ring is supposed to be worn closer to the heart followed by the engagement ring on the outside.  According to common American tradition, the bridal set should never to be taken off for the rest of the woman’s life.  In reality this is a pretty comical idea.  Swimming in a chlorine-filled pool, the salty ocean, playing contact sport or simply doing cleaning can pose a risk to the ring set, the wearer and other people.  Some women compromise by removing the more delicate and larger engagement ring and wearing this on special occasions.  Some women choose to remove both in case of possible damage.  The choice is really up to you.  Whilst it is a wonderful idea to never take off a wedding set, this may have been an option for middle-class women of leisure in colonial times, but rarely for any woman nowadays.    

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