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Gorgeous Bridal Sets for Lesbian Couples

The most important day for the both of you is coming up.  You should choose a bridal set that will match your personalities, lifestyle and budget.  We have gorgeous bridal sets for lesbian couples that will suit everyone, no matter who you are. 

Matching Bridal Jewellery Sets

If you are looking for a minimal or contemporary ring set with a sort of elegant and simple feel, then we have lots of these in stock.  If you are looking for something more feminine and featuring a diamond or other gemstone in various different ring settings, then we can also help you.  Unisex wedding sets have become increasingly popular for both straight and gay couples. 

Custom Wedding Ring Sets 

We can create gorgeous bespoke rings for you to give each other.  Our design team is always on hand to listen to your thoughts.  We create wedding ring sets that will become a brilliant testament to your love in the coming years.  This can feature popular symbols of Sapphic love.  The colour purple or the flower lilac, is a potent symbol from Ancient Greece. This was fabled by the Greek Poet Sappho when she talked about herself and her lover wearing ‘garlands of violets’.  Another popular symbol is the inverted black triangle, a reappropriated symbol from the Second World War and a rebellion against the fascist Nazi regime.  

Another symbol that you could incorporate into your rings is the interlocked symbol of Venus, the circles with the crosses below them.  These are by no means the only options for you, and you can even personalise your rings with something that only the two of you know about.   

Choosing the Bridal Set for You

Traditionally, a man would spend up to four months of his salary buying a woman a wedding ring.  But this is no ordinary or traditional wedding; so you don’t need to feel unencumbered by any hard and fast rules.  The main criteria that you need to be aware of is budget, lifestyle and personal taste.  We recommend that you buy online through us or through another gay-friendly merchant.  This will avoid any awkward moment in a mall with a retailer who has never sold jewellery to a lesbian couplebefore.    

If budget is a constraint, then you can build a customised ring made from silver or yellow gold, which are both generally less expensive than platinum.  Also, matching plain rings or a smaller diamond is also an option, as are other gemstones such as amethyst, topaz and emerald.  These precious stones are dazzling in their own right and were worn by queens and princesses in medieval times.   

Do either of you spend a lot of time outdoors or have a very active and sporty lifestyle?  Then this will rule out the more fussy and pretty options.  Opting for a more simple and contemporary ring will also save you a fair amount of money.  Always consider the lifestyle restraints for both of you in regards to your bridal set.  Various different ring settings can stick-out and can snag on clothing, therefore they are not ideal for people with an active lifestyle.  

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