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Recession Be Damned! Get a Cheap Wedding Band and Everything Else Too!  

There are a multitude of ways that you can have an amazing wedding on a small budget.  Take a leaf out of our book and get a cheap wedding band here for instance.  That’s just the first step.  Let us guide you on how to plan an amazing wedding on a bohemian budget.  

  1. Have your reception in a restaurant.  A nice family-friendly one with a brilliant menu. This is far cheaper and more intimate than a reception hall.
  2. Get friends to do your photography, cake, invitations, flower arranging. 
  3. Make it a BYO alcohol event. 
  4. Keep the invitation list to a minimum.  
  5. Send your invitations through an online mailbox, create a Facebook page or a customised website for the event and direct guests there to RSVP.  

Yikes! The wedding band!

Now, for the all important symbol of your love. How do you get the right ring when you have so little money? That’s an outdated way of thinking.  We have moved with the times and crafted an amazing range of cheap wedding bands for both of you.  Nowadays a cheap wedding ring can encompass and express everything you ever wanted.

Consider Silver…

Our array of silver wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and allow you more flexibility for your budget.  Silver is a luminous and gorgeous precious metal and is often unfairly overlooked for choice in comparison to the more expensive gold and platinum. You can also afford to invest in more personal customisations if you decide on silver, and still stay within budget.  This could include your own design of inlaid gemstones.  This is the ultimate choice for a cheap wedding ring. 

Consider Another Gemstone…

Choosing another gemstone and not diamond can save you loads of money.  In ancient times, the wedding rings of kings and queens featured ruby, emerald and sapphire and there was a reason for this – they are amazingly beautiful.  Choosing these alternative gemstones means your on your way to a very cheap ring indeed. It also means you can afford customisations within your budget. 

Consider the Minimal and Contemporary Look….

 The more modern looking engagement ring is definitely hot right now.  Nolonger the domain of men only, it has become increasingly popular with women as well.  Cheap wedding bands for men include embedded gemstones in various colours.  This style of setting is very budget-friendly and also has the added bonus of being more secure compared to other ring settings.  There is a growing trend of women to adopt a matching or complementary ring in this contemporary style.

It’s important to work out what the best type of ring is for your lifestyle, tastes and budget.  If budget is the number one factor, then rest easily by checking out our range of cheap wedding bands, catered to your budget completely.  We have loads of exciting and cutting-edge choices.  Good luck on your search for the perfect ring and budget wedding.  We hope we have given you some food for thought.  

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