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Custom Rings Crafted and Created for your Dream Wedding Day!   

We specialise in some of the most beautiful custom rings anywhere on the web. Speak with us and we can advise on the most personalised and unique design for your ring.  We stock an immense range of customised stones, precious metals, ring settings and design specifications to ensure that your beloved is getting the ring she deserves.  To give you some idea of our scope for unique wedding rings, read more below… 

Precious Metals

Firstly, you need to assess her current jewellery collection.  Have a look at what she wears on a daily basis.  If she wears rose gold then you will need to stick with this particular type of precious metal.  If she wears white gold then you should choose from white gold or platinum which has a similar silver metallic sheen to it.  If she is more classical in her tastes and has an abundance of yellow gold in her jewellery collection, then stay with this.

Precious metals will vary in terms of price range, durability and strength of the material.  A white gold wedding band or a silver wedding band will be slightly cheaper however require a lot of long-term cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the ring keeps its magnificent shine.  A platinum wedding band will outlast the others in terms of maintaining a satiny shine. Platinum is the most durable and strongest of the precious metals, however there is also a higher price tag.    

It’s all about the cut! 

When looking at unique wedding rings, the second most important part is the cut.  Each cut has its own unique and gorgeous luminosity.  The princess cut is known as a modern classic, the second most popular on the market.  It is either square or rectangular in shape with four claws and an inverted pyramid type of setting.   On the other hand, you could try the cushion cut, a vintage cut of diamond recently undergoing a revival.   A cushion cut has rounded edges and a pillow-shaped setting that filters and emanates brilliant light under candlelight, perfect for romantic interludes.  Once you have selected the right cut, how do you the make it a custom ring for her to remember? 

Take A Risk and Live Dangerously! 

When designing custom rings, you don’t want the carbon-copy of another ring that’s out there. That defeats the purpose.  Instead, you should live dangerously and get a custom ring unlike any other.  The black diamond is a luxurious and decadent type of diamond that glimmers with midnight sophistication.  You could find a rare type of cut and adopt it for your own.  The asscher cut was famous during the first part of the 20th century was very rare until it was featured recently on an episode of Sex in the City.  The asscher cut is dramatic and bold and looks really amazing with a black diamond.  Ultimately the choice is yours to design your own wedding ring, but take some calculated risks and think hard about how you can make it unique.  If you do this you can reap the benefit with your partner loving it more and more each day. 

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