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Popular Ring Styles: Gold Wedding Bands Galore!

We have an enormous choice of  wedding bands for both men and women in our range.  Take a look at our quick guide to find out the best solution to your specific needs.  If you are needing some guidance, we are more than happy to give this in our blog, articles and more personal one-on-one advice.  Have a browse through our other articles on specific ring styles and our valuable suggestions here… 

Gold Wedding Bands: 

Gold is the precious metal  that symbolises classic tailoring, sophistication and timeless quality.  Gold can be worn with every type of clothing and often easily with other precious metals. Selecting a gold wedding ring with a classical style of a cushion cut or round cut diamond, you can be sure that this object will become a heirloom, and will still be as fashionable in the decades to come. 

A white gold wedding band has a satiny and silver sheen to it, and complements silver and platinum jewellery very well. This allows for a more larger variety of jewellery to be worn together in your collection.  

Different Diamond Cuts and Settings: 

When shopping for the right diamond for her, consider a couple of important factors regarding her life and tastes.  If she is more of a trend-setter and loves to shop, you should choose a cushion cut diamond with a platinum wedding band.  This is a stunning combination that is very right now

 For the lady who likes to keep things in her life, including her clothes simple, minimal and unpretentious, there are many options.  Opt for the classic and timeless yellow gold wedding band.  In regards to the diamond cut, you could experiment and choose the relatively rare asscher cut diamond or a simple princess cut diamond.  Each are unique in their own way and will look elegant and classical in decades to come. 

Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings for Men: 

For the man’s man who commands attention in everything that he does, the most appropriate ring is the platinum wedding band.  It exudes an air of self-mastery and power and will look great in every place from a boardroom to a construction site.  A true classic for that suits any guy.

If you have set ideas about what a wedding band, wedding day and reception should involve. Then the most appropriate choice is the classic yellow gold wedding band.  We can assure you, there’s a reason it never goes out of style!    

If you have less flexibility in regards to money, there are still some very attractive options available to you. The most popular and least expensive of this range is the stylish silver wedding band.  This is a remarkably sturdy, shimmering and lovely precious metal, he or she will surely be pleased. 

Good luck on your quest. Be sure to check back with us and ask us any questions about our range of wedding bands.  Also you can ask about personal customisations that will make your ring a unique reflection of your union. We wish you well on your exciting life together!

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