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New Trends for Ring Designers at a Glance 

If you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring, we have searched around for the hottest current trends that are influencing ring designers at the moment and have also been a hit for our customers. 

1. Walk Lightly upon the Earth

Just like every other aspect of our lives, an eco-conscious message has also permeated the manufacture and design of diamond engagement rings.  The message is to leave as little impact on the earth as possible.  These types of diamond designer rings typically come from ethical and conflict-free origins and come in eco-friendly gold and platinum. 

2. Comfort over Luxury 

There is a growing trend now for women to choose a snug fit over extravagance.  Ring designers are developing more and more rings with diamonds set flush to the surface of the band, therefore allowing for more freedom of movement and comfort, particularly for women who lead an active lifestyle.  Also there is a growing popularity for simple gold or platinum unisex ring designs for both him and her.  This is particularly the case for same sex couples as well. 

3. Square and Princess Cut Rings

A growing trend in the cut of diamond rings is the square or princess cut diamond ring.  These are being seen on Hollywood red carpets and by A-list celebrities everywhere and  this has a parallel effect on the production of more variety of princess cut designer engagement rings.  One added benefit of this particular style is the stone itself can have a few blemishes and inclusions and they will be concealed by the shape of the cut. This could possibly mean more bang for your buck, with typically a bigger diamond for a lower price compared to other cuts.  

4. A Halo for an Angel 

A halo is a circle of smaller diamonds that encompass a larger diamond, typically in a cushion cut shape.  This particular arrangement allows for high-octane scintillation, brilliance and the maximum head-turning impact. The center diamond will be brighter and more noticeable than if it were there alone.   Ring designers across the world are showcasing this trend on their websites and consumers are buying them in droves. 

5. Vintage Revival 

One of the most popular trends is the return of vintage style cuts and detailing for engagement rings and for a brand new generation of buyers.  A popular combination is a cushion cut diamond with a yellow or rose gold band.  This is in line with recent fashion trends towards old Hollywood glamour and 30’s, 40’s and 50’s tailoring for dresses and other garments.  

We hope you have enjoyed this foray into the current trends for designer rings. If you need any more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us and read our other articles to discover more about cutting edge trends in designer rings, how to select the perfect ring and after-purchase care. Good luck on your search!     

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