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Ring Settings

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Ring Settings: Some General Information and How to Pick The Best One  

When considering diamond ring settings, the key important factors are your partner’s lifestyle, style preferences and the budget that you have to spend.  Let us guide you through the pros and cons of ring settings. If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask us. 

Prong Ring Setting: 

Is formed in a claw-like setting, with 3, 4 or 6 prongs holding the diamond. The diamond shape is exposed to capture light, but is also exposed to easy damage.  This means that if she is active in sports or her work, there will be a risk of damage.  The brilliance and beauty of the diamond is emphasised with the prong ring settings.  It is also one of the more cheaper ring settings. 

Bezel Ring Setting: 

There is a metal rim that surrounds the diamond from all sides. This is a popular setting however covering the diamond’s pavilion limits the sparkle factor.   This too is also reasonably inexpensive, the setting limits the amount of sparkle and therefore the diamond does not need to be high-quality. The smoothness of the ring means that there is limited damage from an active lifestyle. 

Semi-Bezel Ring Setting: 

The semi-bezel has a metal rim that protects the diamond on two sides.  The absence of sharp angles means that this type of ring setting is perfect for an outdoors or sporty lifestyle.   It has the best of both worlds, as it shows off more diamond sparkle in the pavilion and also protects the diamond at the same time. As such, it’s generally more expensive than other types.  

Channel Ring Setting: 

This ring setting involves a number of smaller diamonds in a linear row on a precious metal band.  There is an absence of sharp corners and therefore this engagement setting is perfect for the active lifestyle.  This style is very modern and popular nowadays. If used with smaller gemstones, the result could mean that the ring is less expensive than other types of settings.

Pave Ring Setting: 

This setting appears like pavement with many multi-shaped diamonds fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.  The diamonds and settings are flush to the surface of the ring to provide some security, but are still prone to occasional snagging on clothing.  As it’s a very labour-intensive type of setting, the cost is significantly higher than other types. 

Flush Ring Setting: 

Diamonds are incorporated into the surface of the ring.  Possibly the most secure setting for an active lifestyle.  There is flexibility to engrave bespoke designs and unique mixes of precious stones.  There is lesser luminescence and brilliance due to the embedded nature of the diamonds.  This ring setting is also significantly cheaper than other types. 

Bar Ring Setting:

The precious stone is held in place by tiny metal bars attached to the wedding band.  The diamonds are less secure than a channel setting and therefore they aren’t as good for an active lifestyle.  This is quite labour-intensive and so is generally more expensive than other types, as it requires a higher quality of gemstone to emphasise the brilliance. 

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