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On a Budget? Try a Silver Wedding Band or a Weekday Wedding 

During the current recession, it’s the common experience of many couples that there isn’t much flexibility for their wedding budget.  After everything has been added up – the reception hall, the catering, wine, beer and the other million other things, there isn’t much left over for the wedding bands.  Thankfully, there is a cheaper and more reasonable option,  buying a silver wedding band.  And that’s not all, here’s some more suggestions for other areas of your wedding planning:   

  1. Never borrow money for your wedding:

It sounds counter-intuitive but really,  you will be a lot worse in the long-term if you borrow money.  To help you assess whether or not this is a good decision, consider if you can afford repayments? How long will repayments go on for? Are you borrowing in the cheapest way possible? Often it’s a never ending cycle of debt.  Try not to borrow any money at all and instead pay with real cash not credit. 

  1. Get married during an off-peak time: 

Getting married on a weekend is far more expensive than during the week. The advantage of doing it during the week is that generally less people will actually come as they have to work. If this sounds as though you’re being a party-pooper, it’s not really, it’s all about maintaining a frugal mindset.  Having a winter wedding can also mean you can negotiate for paying less to hire out a reception venue, as there is nobody else competing for it.  

  1. Get a Silver Wedding Band:

A silver wedding band is a gorgeous and cost-effective alternative to gold and platinum.  It has a timeless and elegant quality and is very easily able to be customised due to its malleable properties. There is no shame in purchasing a sterling silver wedding ring.  The end result is the same, you will be happily married and living together, fancy ring or not.  A silver wedding band can be a stylish and sophisticated as you want it to be.  You can have matching bands, or create bespoke and uniquely designed rings that will be a testament to your love.  You have a lot more flexibility of choice for sterling silver wedding rings, so do it this way! 

  1. Ask for cash instead of presents: 

Well Duh! What could be easier than that!

  1. Pick out a cheap or free venue: 

Forget about typical country clubs or wedding reception halls. Think of getting an all inclusive wedding package that incorporates food, wine and table service.  If the weather is good then consider an outdoor wedding or a wedding in a friend’s expansive yard underneath of a marquee.   

  1. Have a look at the Filofax or Facebook List: 

Do you have creative friends and family who could do a good job of wedding photography, decorate an amazing cake or arrange flowers for you? Pay them for their time, or at least offer them money.  Use your existing human resources before exploring expensive paid services.  

Most importantly, be realistic about your expenditure.  Don’t be tempted to overdo anything. Learn to live frugally, it’s an asset that can be used time and time again.  

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