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Wedding Band Sets

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Stunning Wedding Band Sets For Every Type Of Union 

A wedding band set is a unique symbol of your unique union together.  In the physical representation of precious metal and precious stone, your partnership together is melded and forged in front of an audience of close family and friends.  For the duration of your engagement and wedding, the focus will be upon this object and so it’s very important that this is the beautiful and wonderful creation that you always imagined. 

Wedding ring sets can be completely matching or can actually be conceived and created by the two of you and not be matching. They can come in contemporary and abstract designs from up-coming designers or they can be a traditional cut of diamond, with yellow gold as per the traditional wedding band set.  

We understand that your partnership may actually be a him and him or a her and her rather than a heterosexual marriage and with this in mind we can offer a wide variety of choice and combinations.  We also believe that wedding band sets don’t need to be gender specific and can be unisex in many cases.  For example a husband and wife or a husband and husband may wish to have the same wedding band set as each other and so we can offer this with bespoke inscriptions on the underside of the band.  

Traditionally, wedding band sets have consisted of a diamond ring for the wife and a plain gold  ring for the husband. However, in today’s modern age with many different types of civil partnerships, we believe that the best option is to offer inclusive and personally tailored ring choices for every type of marriage.  You can both achieve a synchronicity with having a ring the same and have eye-catching bespoke details like a diamond or a emerald embedded into the wedding band.  

Agreeing on a wedding band set can create a new level of satisfaction and a feeling of solid reassurance and closeness with each other. It can be an exhilarating experience, experimenting and finding out what you both want.  Just like in other areas of your relationship, you are taking this exciting adventure together.  Every step of the way, we are there to help you.  From getting a ring size, to making the right choice, to purchase and any problems and concerns you have along the way.  We can help you with whatever you need.  We offer wedding band sets at a fraction of the normal price and with no compromise on quality and customer service! 

Money is always great to have, so we stock a range of wedding band sets that will suit every pocket. A smaller carat weight and using a precious metal like silver can greatly reduce the cost. Buying a contemporary or minimalistic looking wedding band set rather than a traditional one, will mean that you also save a lot.  You have the right person, now good luck on finding the right ring! 

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