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What’s the best option for wedding bands diamond or other types?  

You may have some doubts about which wedding band to choose for your man.  That’s not a problem! From our range of custom rings in platinum, white gold and silver, you can find a winning combination. 

Remember that men like diamonds too! They may be a girls best friend, but they symbolise power and sophistication in much the same way for men.  Choosing the perfect diamond and the perfect precious metal, will mean this object can become valuable part of his life and be passed down to his children one day.

Platinum is the most hardy and tough of the precious metals.  So when given to a man and used in his wedding band, it emphasises his own strength and the power of the bond that you have together.  The diamond that you have embedded there can come in many different settings such as  pave, bar set or bezel set diamonds. Another symbol of everlasting love. 

The process of buying such a wedding band may seem at times full of dead-ends and frustrations. How can you know whether he will like it or if it is going to be the testament to your love that it’s supposed to be?  Well let us give you some gentle guidance and some questions to nudge you in the right direction:   

  1. What is his fashion sense and taste in clothes? 

More conservative men generally like plain diamond wedding bands in yellow gold.  More trendy guys generally find unusual rings more appealing like black diamond wedding bands set in platinum.

  1. What does he do for a job? 

A carpenter or construction worker will go for a plain yellow gold band to avoid possible damage to it when working.  They may benefit from platinum because of its durable nature.   A man who works in an office can be more versatile in the type of precious metal he chooses and any diamonds.    

  1. How large or small are his hands? 

Men with smaller hands or longer fingers can get away with a thicker wedding band.  Large hands need smaller wedding bands to balance them out.  

  1. If he has any other jewellery what is it made from?

If he wears say a St Christopher necklace or some kind of other religious symbol on him, then what precious metal is it made from? 

  1. Is he a practical and sensible type or is he more of a spontaneous and out-of-the-box individual? 

Practical types like classic and practical yellow gold jewellery and more quirky or artistic individuals generally have more outlandish taste. 

  1. What size is your budget?  

If you’re on a budget then choose a diamond wedding band in silver and yellow gold. If you have a bigger budget then you can afford to choose more widely from different precious metals and stones. 

  1. Is he a traditionalist or more of a radical thinker? 

If he is traditional in his views on both marriage and life, then you would be best adhering to the standard yellow gold wedding band.  If he is more of a radical or alternative thinker, then perhaps he would like something different from the norm.  

Good luck! 

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