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Wedding Bands Men of All Kinds Will Love 

Men of all kinds will love our wedding bands.  If you’re looking for something unique to please him, then you need look no further than our comprehensive range of wedding bands.  

We have compiled a few suggestions: 

The fashionable urbanite will adore a platinum wedding band.  We can customise your chosen wedding band with a masculine array of tiny precious stones in whatever type you wish diamond, black diamond, sapphire.   He should be proud to show off his wedding band as a stylish fashion accessory.  This along with a lovely watch emphasises status, style and success.  

The traditionalist who loves classic tailoring will love the always sophisticated yellow gold wedding band.  This can be customised in width to ensure that it fits to the length of his fingers and the size of his hands.  Generally men with longer fingers will suit a thicker band width that will emphasise the elegant length.  Men with shorter fingers will suit a thinner band.   

If you are on a budget, then choose from our reasonably-priced men’s wedding rings.  Wedding bands in silver or yellow gold, are generally more reasonable and still have the same amount of silvery shimmer as the more expensive range in platinum and white gold. 

Generally men who work outdoors or in a practical hands-on role will be better off with a more hardy and strong precious metal for their wedding band.  This is because it takes longer to show signs of discolouration and needs less maintenance and cleaning to keep shiny and new looking. The best precious metal for this type of man is platinum.  Although more expensive than other metals, it is a solid investment for a person with this lifestyle as it keeps like new for longer.  

Men who work outside are going to want a practical, solid ring with minimal details and customisations.  Men who work in the corporate world or in an office will be more likely to want some kind of individualised wedding band.  This again is only a generalisation though.  You will need to think about his lifestyle, if he plays any sports and his taste in clothes when assessing what ring he would like.  Most men don’t really wear jewellery and so picking something that he will want to wear is paramount.  If you take a look at our range then you will sure to find something to please him. Remember to include him in all of your background research, as ultimately he will be the one to wear it.  

When shopping for a wedding ring, it’s a good idea to first use an online guide to ring sizing or to visit a jeweller in a mall to find out his ring size.  When there you may feel pressured to purchase goods from the shop. This is never a good idea, with prices in retail shops generally being double or triple what you can find online for the same quality wedding band.  Our tip is to do the background research in a shop and then visit us for comprehensive help, service and to purchase. 

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