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Wedding Bands Women

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Wedding Bands Women of All Kinds Will Adore!

The sublime and gorgeous ring of  your dreams awaits you.  Whether you are after something elegant and stylish or something more ornate. Whatever your preference, we can help you to find the ring that fits your lifestyle, budget and tastes.  We have fantastic wedding bands that women of all kinds will adore.  

The diamond and yellow gold wedding band, is strong tradition for weddings, however there are many new and exciting trends that are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with younger people.  

Custom Rings: 

A contemporary and hot trend of the moment is to design a custom ring.  The black diamond with a princess cut in either platinum or white gold is a popular choice for a woman’s wedding band.  The black diamond against the shimmering silver-coloured metal, is a stark and magnificent combination.  Also impressive and ideal for the smaller budget is silver with black diamond.  Silver is the optimal choice for a lower budget, however there are a few pointers you need to be aware of, for more information see our articles on silver care and  maintenance. 

Matching Wedding Bands: 

This is popular not only with heterosexual couples but with gay couples of both sexes.  A matching wedding band can be symbolic of your union, and also of your equal footing, matching souls and complementary positions in life.  Wedding bands for men and women can be ornate or plain, interlinked with a heart or some other symbol or sharing matching personal inscriptions on the top or underside of the wedding bands.   

Wedding Bands for the Budget-Conscious: 

The recession has meant that the predominant request we get from couples is to provide cost-effective solutions that are still as romantic, elegant and timeless as their more expensive counterparts.  You can select from sterling silver wedding bands that come in many different designs, precious stones and settings.  If you can’t find the one you want, you can also design your own custom ring, at a fraction of the price you would pay for gold or platinum.  

A lot of the time, diamond wedding bands can be prohibitively expensive.    In this case we offer other precious stones, such as amethyst, sapphire, emerald and ruby.  It’s also true that many women prefer a wedding band that is plain or isn’t coated in diamonds. This is particularly the case for women who are individuals and like to stand out from the pack.  In this case, we have a wide range for you to look through.  

Another more cost-effective option is to choose a cheaper precious metal for your wedding , such as rose gold or yellow gold.  These precious metals are luminous and beautiful, and they’re particular metallurgical combinations mean that they are cheaper per carat weight than other precious metals like platinum.  Good luck on your quest to find a women’s wedding band. Take heart, there are many options to be found here on our site. We are always here to help, just shoot us a message. 

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