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Wedding Ring Sets for Gay Male Couples 

If you are looking for a wedding set that will last the distance and become a symbol of the strength and durability of your union, then take a look at our wedding ring sets.  We have some of the best contemporary and striking rings in our range.  Also, we can customise wedding ring sets to reflect the proud and beautiful nature of your union as a gay couple.   

Stones and Gems

Diamonds are generally the number one choice for heterosexual couples and gay couples alike, but you really have no precedent or tradition to go by, and so you are only limited by your imagination.  

A stunning combination is to get gemstones in your ring custom made with the colours of the pride flag.  Here are some suggestions of precious and semi-precious stones, plus their colour and what they symbolise: ruby (red – life), citrine or amber (orange – healing), topaz (blue – serenity), amethyst (violet – spirit), turquoise or emerald (green-nature), citrine or amber (yellow- sunlight). 

Birthstones and the Interlinked Symbol of Mars 

Another popular option is to include both of your birthstones in the wedding ring set. This is a unique way of showing your union that is completely personal to the two of you.  The Astrological sign for the planet Mars is also the symbol for the male gender.  The circle represents male spirit and the arrow represents male strength that permeates out into the universe. This symbol of two intertwined Mars symbols represents the union of two men in the most wonderful and proud way.  

Another symbol of gay pride is the pink triangle. Originally used by the Third Reich in WWII to mark out gay men and persecute them, it has now been reappropriated by the gay community.  The pink triangle was turned upwards and now symbolises hope, strength and fighting back against oppression.  By including the pink triangle in the design of your wedding ring set, you show the world that you are proud and want to make a statement about gay rights. 

Online or Shopping Mall? 

There are benefits and downsides to walking into mall and looking at rings.  There is the obvious benefit of being able to see, touch and witness the ring’s fiery brilliance first-hand. There is the benefit of getting a ring sizing there on a spot.  The downside is that the shop assistant may not have any experience providing gay men with wedding rings or have any idea of your specific aesthetic requirements for the rings.  

The other thing is that mall shops generally have a mark-up of around 50-70% of some wholesale outlets online. The pros and cons of online shopping are that you can have the convenience of sitting at home and browsing.  You have a wider variety of choice.  Just be careful that you check the returns policy and the certification policy of your online retailer to be sure that you are buying quality goods and won’t run into any hassles.

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