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Wedding Rings: Men’s Style Advice and the Latest Trends 

Men’s style has been a hot topic for fashion blogs across the globe, from men’s fashion and Men’s cosmetics, the next big movement in men’s only trends comes from men’s jewellery and specifically, men’s wedding rings.  

Wedding bands for men, have up until recent years been a pretty bland and boring selection. But with well-dressed heterosexual or metrosexual men prowling about urban streets and picking up women there grew an industry for male fashion and adornment, unrivalled since Roman times.  Our range of men’s wedding rings range from the traditional and classic yellow  gold wedding band to unique men’s wedding bands with elements like studs of black diamond, flecks of sapphire and a tinge of blood-red rubies that add intrigue and magnetism to the modern urban male’s fashion collection.  

The wedding band Men’s Style and other magazines have been raving about is the one sported by David Beckham recently on his trip to the Bahamas, on holiday with his wife Victoria Beckham. Tanned, taut and relaxed he wore a masculine and sexy array of black diamonds inlaid into a thick platinum band of shimmering striking iridescence.  

The modern men’s wedding ring should leave no doubt, there is a place for the sophisticated, well dressed and well groomed man-about-town in the urban landscape.    Men’s fashion and jewellery trends have evolved to the point now where people previously not so fashionable have been forced to take a look at themselves and consider a Hugo Boss suit, a Calvin Klein shirt and a seductive scent.  But by far the power item on any man’s list is an amazing men’s wedding ring that emanates power, prestige and attracts pulling power like a powerful magnet.

Advice on how to pick out such a ring is not so easy to find.  Most wedding ring catalogues and blogs cater specifically to women only.  This is starting to change with blogs about wedding rings, both men’s and women’s, being picked up by the mainstream media.  If you’re looking for a unique wedding band, men’s selections have now changed and incorporate a wide variety of customisations.  Choose the precious metal, the setting and whether or not you wish your stone to be inlaid or slightly sticking out in a more punk and modern take on the traditional men’s wedding band.   

If you’re after something that won’t cost the earth and is still as individual as you are, consider a silver wedding band.  As a customisation, you can make it unique with inlaid sapphire, or black diamond, strong and masculine stones, and they add extra wow-factor wherever you go.  Make your wedding ring an unforgettable masterpiece with these additional custom ring features.  Before you buy, talk to us about how to make your men’s band all your own. We would love to hear your creative ideas.   For more inspiration, you should head to Men’s Style magazine or GQ where they have features nearly every month about the latest and coolest trends in men’s jewellery.  

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