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Wedding Set Ideas for Same Sex Couples 

For LGBTQ people across the globe, gay marriage is a hot topic that resonates with them and with most open-minded, educated straight people as well.  It is our contention that love cannot be pegged in by the gender or sexuality of a person.  Also that any person in the world should be allowed to marry any other person in the world (so long as they are of the legal age).  So in this spirit, we will discuss various symbols of same-sex pride that can be incorporated into wedding sets for same sex, queer and transgender couples.  All of these symbols can be customised to your own desires.  You can choose the precious metal and stone as well.  

The Black Triangle 

Originally used by the Nazis in WW2 to persecute women who were charged with “anti-social behaviour” such as feminism, lesbianism, and prostitution, and not adhering to social expectations of the Nazis such as rearing children and being passive These women were sent to the concentration camps along with the Jews. In recent decades this symbol was reappropriated as the symbol of resistance and power for lesbians and bisexual women.  It would make a potent symbol when used in a customised matching wedding set. 

 The Pink Triangle

A symbol of homosexuality used by the Nazis to persecute gay men during WW2.  Up to 15,000 gay people of both sexes were imprisoned in concentration camps and most likely  died there.  The pink triangle was resurrected as a symbol of dissent and gay male pride in recent decades.  It has also come to represent the fight back against HIV/AIDS.  It has become a powerful symbol of gay male pride, and so is perfect for a wedding set for gay male couples.  

Violet and Purple 

The ancient Greek poet Sappho describes herself and her lover as wearing garlands of violet.  Violet as a flower and purple as a colour are lovely and romantic symbols of lesbian love.  The giving of violets was popular in less liberal times of the early 20th Century, when lesbian women used Violets to woo potential lovers.  It is therefore a beautiful and poetic symbol of Sapphic love.  The application of this in wedding ring sets can be used by choosing matching amethyst rings or customising some between the two of you. 

The Mars Symbol 

A circle with an arrow pointing north east symbolises the God Mars and has been used by the Romans since ancient times as the universal symbol for the male gender. Two interlocking Mars symbols are a powerful and solid symbol of the union between two gay men.  It has been very popular to use in wedding sets since the 1970’s. We can customise our wedding band sets to incorporate this beautiful symbol. 

The Venus Symbol 

A symbol with a circle and a cross underneath it represents the Roman goddess Venus and is also the universal symbol meaning female.  Two interlocking Venus symbols indicate the union and marriage of two lesbian women.  Along with the Mars symbol this became popular in the 70’s and we can customise wedding sets to your requirements.  

Good luck in finding your dream wedding ring set! 

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