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White Gold Wedding Bands

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The Bewitching Beauty of White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold is a mixture of gold and at least one other white metal such as nickel, manganese, palladium or silver.  It is measured in weight in the same way as yellow gold, in carats.  

When yellow gold is combined with other metals the result is nothing short of amazing, providing a hardy and durable material with a luminescent and shimmering finish.  White gold wedding bands have become increasingly popular for weddings in recent decades.  The evolution of this simply stunning metallurgical combination is an interesting story in itself.  

The genesis of the white gold wedding band begun in the 1920’s when techniques for smelting metal became more advanced.  Jewellery lovers wanted something a little more modern than the traditional yellow gold and found a contemporary and cost-effective choice in white gold.  This was cheaper than platinum but offered a similar shimmering finish.  

During the second world war, white gold rings became even more popular. The transport and trade of platinum was restricted.  Due to risky economic conditions it was easier for people to wed with a white gold wedding ring than the more expensive platinum.  

Why is platinum more expensive than white gold? 

What’s the difference then?  The reason that platinum rings are more expensive than white gold wedding bands, is that platinum is more tough and hardy than white gold.  It is more scratch and fade resistant compared to yellow gold or white gold.  Over time, the sheen and shimmer of white gold metal can deteriorate and oxygenate.  There are ways to care for your white gold ring to minimise the effects of the environment on its beautiful veneer.   So, white gold can still be the optimum choice for your ring, it just requires occasional moments of TLC. 

  1. Re-plating with Rhodium:  

Most gold is yellow and white gold will return to its yellow roots.  To maintain the white gold and ensure that it doesn’t succumb to discolouration, you will need to re-plate it once every two years with rhodium.  This is a very white and durable metal.  This can be done for you at any jewellery specialist.  You can also buy cleaning solution online for white gold that is relatively inexpensive.       

  1. Regular Cleaning:

Clean your white gold wedding ring with a specialised cleaner that is designed for gold.    You can use an old toothbrush or any other instrument with soft bristles to get into the grooves in a gentle and unobtrusive way.  

  1. Common-Sense Care:

Always remain cautious about your wedding band, no matter the precious metal.  Try to not engage in sports, swimming or household chores while wearing it. White gold doesn’t like chemicals, salt water, chlorine and other harsh substances. If your in doubt, remove your white gold wedding band and put it into safe-keeping. 

4. Excellent Storage is Important 

Store your white gold jewellery in a velvet lined case, or in separate jewellery bags or boxes. This will avoid them rubbing and scratching each other.  Also, care for them like you would any other type of treasure.  Store in a cool dry place, and your white gold wedding band will look like brand new in decades to come. 

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